We are manufacturing various type of thermocouples such as Type J, K, R, S, T, E, and B, (SIMPLEX, DUPLEX & Triplex) which cover all Industry & Applications.

Measurement of temperature with a resistance temperature detector is a matter of measuring resistance. Unbalanced Wheatstone bridge method are invariably used to measure the resistance.

Multiple Assemblies are manufactured in three basic designs. Due to many variations that are possible with these designs. please consult us with your individual specifications for these items.

Tube skin thermocouple assemblies are used to provide an efficient means of measuring the temperature of vessel walls. Unless otherwise specified, grounded hot junctions are provided to insure quick response.

material selection is critical to the life of the Thermowell. Corrosion and temperatures are the major deciding factors in the selection of materials suitable for a particular application.

We design & manufacture all types of thermowells which cover entire sector of Industry & it’s application. Our most of thermowells are single piece of Drilled Barstock, it’s also available in straight & tapered.

Our digital temperature indicators and controllers, PID controllers, multi-channel indicator, Scanners are excellent in their functionality and ensure a rated performance.

Various sizes of Ceramic and other non-metal tubes are available and also we can supply as per customer requirements.

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Phoenix Temperature & ElectroMech Manufacturing Co. W.L.L – Bahrain, is a Joint Venture & technology partner with USA based company and specialized in manufacturing of Temperature Sensors. We are manufacturing all kinds of Thermocouples, (J, K, R, S, T, E, and B type) which also include Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) & all kinds of Thermowells including Customized, Digital Temperature Indicators, Controllers, Thermocouple extension cable & wires.

Our supply consists of Pressure, Level, Flow, Valves & Regulators, Electrical Panel, Breaker, Relays, Junction Boxes, Instrument, Control & Communication Cables.

We are providing total customer satisfaction through our highly skilled technical staff.

We focus efforts on addressing and resolving customer needs, our personnel works directly with customers on product and process requirements.